Our urban living spaces are facing serious challenges: heavy air pollution, increasing traffic, and rapid urban growth. Any redesign of mobility today requires sustainable concepts. We are making our mark today and taking responsibility for our collective future. Yorks will inspire you with our eco-friendly, innovative, and flexible solutions for individual mobility – mobilizing the future.

„The future of urban mobility in our cities: micro mobility is more than just a trend.“

the yorks

The most compact e-scooter of its kind stands out with excellent product quality and unique handling. The modern design of our yorks s1-elite is your perfect companion for everyday mobility. Whether taking a leisure drive or on a commute – discover your surroundings in a whole new way while relying on solid German engineering to get you safely to your destination.

yorks e-Scooter | Premium | made in Germany


The compact illuminated display has an integrated thumb throttle and provides the driver with the important information at a glance:
  • Battery level
  • Speed
  • Driving mode
  • Light switch
  • Trip distance
  • Total distance

Brake Safety

The front disc brake is quick and responsive to the touch and built to code. It is operated via the ergonomic brake lever on the handlebar to ensure a fast and safe stop.


We integrated an innovative and ergonomic locking system into the handle bar for easy and quick adjustment of its height for maximum driving comfort and flexibility.

Trolley Feature

Our yorks s1-elite can be pulled like a suitcase through its patented trolley feature. The handle is unlocked via a lever located above the front wheel.

Integrated Charger

A unique function of our e-scooter is the integrated charging cable in the front trunk of the vehicle. The s1-elite can be charged at any household electrical socket for maximum convenience and mobile flexibility.

Folding Mechanism

The uniquely engineered, one-of-a-kind folding joint allows for easy portability with one simple click without compromising the vehicle's stability.

Foot Brake

The newly designed brake lever activates the rear disc brake to ensure a smooth and safe stop.


The s1-elite's state-of-the-art, approved LED technology safely illuminates your drive, even in low visibility.

micro mobility?


Electric vehicles are estab­lishing them­selves as a popular option in the mix of indi­vidual mobility solutions. Today’s conscious consumer requires new, inno­vative solutions that are sustain­able and digi­talised. Mobility in the future must be eco-friendly, light, and adapted to indi­vidual needs. Micro mobility meets all these require­ments. More than just a trend, it is the future of urban mobility and personal trans­porta­tion in the city.


People can stay spon­taneous and flexible as they move through everyday life, both in urban traffic and on rural roads. Most of our activi­ties are con­tained within a five-kilometre radius: grocery shopping, the last mile to work, or a trip to the nearby park. For short distances small and light electric vehicles are perfect. Because of their compact size, they integrate easily into the existing infra­structure.


Our cities are strongly af­fect­ed by pollu­tant emis­sions caused by increas­ingly dense traffic. In addition, the highest costs for conven­tional vehicles arise in city traffic and conges­tion. Electric vehicles don’t produce any emis­sions, make hardly any noise, and they consume no fuel – they’re perfectly designed for cities. PLEVs (Personal Light Electric Vehicles) protect the envi­ronment at low oper­ating costs. Our e-scooter con­sumes just 0.16 kilo­watts per hour of elec­tricity over a 10 kilometre distance, as much as it takes to brew one cup of coffee.

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